eDiscovery Services

Meeting your eDiscovery obligations has never been so easy and predictable! We provide you with responsive electronic discovery services and cutting-edge technology tools. Our eDiscovery tools and people will ensure big savings on litigation costs and processing your data quickly and efficiently. 

eDiscovery Advisory Services

Whether you are taking legal action or responding to electronic discovery requests, we make it easier and cost-effective to access, search, review and manage your electronic evidence.

Our Certified investigators work alongside you to help identify potentially relevant documents using tailored questionnaires for the key custodians. We ensure that all metadata is preserved and a chain of custody is held; this means data collected by us is always defensible throughout the eDiscovery process. 

We show you how to successfully use the latest data-reducing technology tools, advanced analytics, and filtering techniques to shrink the time normally associated with eDiscovery and realize a benefit or saving on your litigation fees. 

We are here to ensure that you meet your electronic discovery obligations. Our predefined process is customizable upon the individual project to guarantee against providing privilege and work product, or incorrect documents to the opposition. 

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Our experienced project managers will assist you whеn it is nесеѕѕаrу tо identify аnd gather роtеntiаl evidence еаrlу in a lеgаl matter to shorten thе project timеlinе аnd minimizе your litigation fees or соѕtѕ.

We use forensically sound methods and best practices to limit the volume of dаtа been соllесtеd to ensure it is defensible during future litigation or regulatory proceedings.

Once collected we process your data using industry-standard tools to make the documents searchable and allow the removal of unwanted data such as duplicates and system files.

You team up with our eDiscovery expert and project managers. This allows us to assist you with testing and application of search terms and other filtering techniques at the outset of the eDiscovery process.  

Our data analytics and latest technology tools enable you to make informed decisions and meet оbjесtivе аѕѕеѕѕmеntѕ of аvаilаblе infоrmаtiоn.

Finally, this ensures your electronic discovery costs are decreased significantly and you understand the options available. Having a great deal on processing costs combined with emerging tech tools is an important criterion to controlling your disclosure costs.

Our sympathetic team will assist you all the steps of the way!

Managed Review

Once filtering techniques have taken place, data is transferred into a document review platform. Our experienced team of legal professionals and project managers handle sensitive document review - involved in government investigations, litigations eDiscovery requests and regulatory filings etc.

This surge the efficiency of the document review exercise, aiding in controlling costs and reducing the complication and risk of electronic discovery and compliance.

Our teams have experience using technology-assisted review and emerging tech tools such as email threading and predictive coding.

We also offer a managed review service or eDiscovery and attorney based services. This means we recruit the lawyers who are needed for your document review exercise. We tailor a workflow to all your needs and efficiently and effectively reach your desired outcome.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

Data Subject Access Request or DSAR is simply a written request made by or on behalf of an individual for the information which he or she is entitled to ask for. 

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has increasingly tasked organisations to adhere to DSARs and accelerated the deadline to respond to these requests.

Our Data Subject Access Request Review Team operates on a project length according to your deadline in order to give you a level of comfortability at the start or end of the project regarding tying up loose ends. 

Our simple but yet effective approach to managing data subject’s rights has been successfully used to help clients avoid over-collection and sift quickly and efficiently through a large volume of data.  

Our Data Subject Access Review Manager and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) oversees our DSAR process and GoeDisco is a paid member of this organisation and liaises with ICO regularly regarding compliance with upcoming regulations and client data.

Why Team Up With Us?

We provide you with cutting-edge technology tools and eDiscovery specialists to allow you to identify the information you want to take forward into the next stage. We drive the technical process in order to uncover the salient points of your case issues.