4 Signs You Need to Update Your eDiscovery Software

Since the world of IT is evolving at a blistering rate, eDiscovery is also changing rapidly. eDiscovery software that may have worked well in the past may not be optimal for upcoming challenges if its developers cannot keep pace with the progress being made.

eDiscovery software is undergoing massive changes as a result of IT innovations like artificial intelligence, better data storage solution solutions, IoT and many other technologies. Rules and regulations are also evolving due to which you will need the right eDiscovery software that will help you to maintain compliance and fulfill new eDiscovery challenges.

Here are the signs that you need to update your eDiscovery software and look for a better vendor.

Lackluster Updates

All good software developers and vendors should request feedback from their clients. After that, they should take all possible measures to implement highly demanded updates.

If your vendor is not particularly responsive to your requests, then it may be time to seek alternatives. As a client, it is your right that the vendor carefully listens to your concerns and rolls out updates to remediate issues you have raised. If consequent updates do not address your peeves, then you may be better off looking elsewhere.

For all updates, the vendor should explain in simple terms what problems it addresses and any new functionality that it provides.

Deep analytics are now the hottest updates since they allow for profoundly meticulous searching and integration.

Mediocre Customer Service

The response rate of customer service is of paramount importance especially when you run into problems with your eDiscovery software during litigation. Timely customer service response and collaboration can help you overcome problems in time, without undermining eDiscovery. Since eDiscovery software is so sophisticated in nature, you will inevitably need help from customer support at some point in time for which great support staff is imperative.

Customer support staff should respond courteously, provide friendly suggestions and must be willing to go the extra mile to resolve your problems forthwith.

Cloud Solutions

Your vendor should provide hybrid cloud solutions so that you can get the best of on-site and off-site computing services. Hybrid cloud can help you to cut costs, scale up operations on demand and still provide you a good level of control over your data since you can use on-site assets.

Many new eDiscovery platforms are now fully cloud-based. Your service provider should be able to provide the kind of solutions that best suit your needs.

Superior Security

Your eDiscovery software should have robust security so that it is highly impervious to security breaches. Meeting security standards as mandated by relevant codes and regulations is of utmost importance. In fact, you have to go beyond these rules and leave no stone unturned when it comes to data security since high profile data breaches have shattered consumer confidence in the biggest corporations.

If your eDiscovery software falls short on any one of the aforementioned facets, then a change is probably in order.

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