Managed Review—A Recipe for Success

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In this bid data era, managed review services are becoming increasingly popular each day, but what are these mysterious services, and how can they provide litigation support and help you find success?

In simple terms, a managed review is a company that handles all the documentation review processes for law firms, NGOs, government bodies, small companies, and giant corporations. Generally, an outsourced project manager or management team is assigned to process and review documents.

The entire managed review process revolves around efficiency, reduced litigation costs, and hiring an e-discovery management team and attorneys to do all the tedious work for you.

If you’re wondering why you need professional eDiscovery and managed review services providers, here are some basic concepts you should know about.

Hire a reliable provider

With a plethora of managed review service providers popping up everywhere, you need to be vigilant with your choices. E-discovery is a serious and expensive business that requires a reliable, accountable, and stable review partner helping you throughout and reducing any mitigation risks. Check out past and current client and customer reviews before settling with an e-discovery partner that isn’t right for you.

Document and process security

In a world where everything is digitized, we all seek ways to keep our information and data as secure as possible. With e-discovery, security should always remain at the forefront.

When choosing a managed review company, opt for a vendor that showcases viable security certificates and documentations. They should ensure that protecting ESI from start to finish and backing everything up is their priority.

Communication tools

Document and managed review are in no terms a simple process; they are very complex and expensive procedures that can heavily impact your litigation matters.

So, hiring the first managed review service provider might not be a wise decision. You need to look for one that offers open and honest communication during the written procedure and other parts.

Only a vendor committed to transparency and communication will keep you in the loop, offering daily and weekly reports to help you keep track of the processes and workflows.

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Quality control

When you’re paying for expensive managed review and e-discovery services, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. What’s the point of hiring outsourcing litigation services if the provider will offer substandard performance and poor quality of work?

It would help if you kept quality control at the forefront of choosing the right provider for your needs. Ask the company about their safety checks and what they do to ensure the team meets the client’s expectations.

If you’re looking for a reliable managed eDiscovery services provider in the UK, we’re here to help.

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