Your data is secure with us!

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Is your Data at risk?

There are risks involved with the discovery process, but they don't have to be. Keeping your data safe is our top priority. We do not require you to ship data to us.

We can either directly collect your data onsite or remotely, or you can upload it safely and instantly into our encrypted cloud platforms.

Secure Hosting & Storage

Data uploaded to our eDiscovery platforms is either stored in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany or the United States in data centres operated by the largest and most trusted cloud providers in the industry.

Compliance Standard & Regulations

Our data centres comply with SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 27001, among many industry standards.

Security Features


Data privacy compliant. Read our privacy policies.

Data Encryption & Private Connection

Data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Two-Factor Authentification

Standard for all users

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